Many people have approached Sheila Humphrey, founder of DeLorne Bridal, about the origin of the DeLorne name. She shares the backstory of how she arrived at selecting the title for her bridal company.

DeLorne Aldridge, namesake of DeLorne BridalViola DeLorne Aldridge on her wedding day.

"The name DeLorne hails from my grandmother Viola Aldridge who raised in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. My grandmother did not have a middle name given to her at birth. After moving to Chicago in the 1940s, she attended cosmetology school and later became a beautician and stylist to many prominent women in Chicago. Viola gave herself the name DeLorne after meeting so many young ladies who had beautiful middle names; however, it wasn't a legal name."

"As I searched for the right name for my bridal boutique, that name just fit, and to honor her. I made it legal."